Romantic Hotels In Marrakech

Royal Mansour Marrakech

There is a quote that says, Tradition wears a snowy beard, and the romance is always young. In this write-up, let us have a quick glance through the famous hotels in Marrakech that redefine luxury, passion, exuberance and tranquillity. The website link is the host of statistics that show how Morocco is attracting the tourists from all over the world.

L’ Hotel Marrakech
This is a 19th century Jasper Conran’s hotel. The green gardens and the suits brim with beautiful art and luxury. The 1942 film Casablanca has the same shine and glamour as this hotel. The luxe salons are exuberant and relaxing. A blend of ancient culture and modernity, this hotel has high arches, deep balconies, planted patios and executive roof terraces that are quite old. The carpets are handwoven, the artworks are rare, and all the fabrics are signature made.

Riad kniza
This hotel is a restored version of a 200-year-old mansion owned by famous dealers of antiques. There are spacious salons, rooms, and elusive patios. The canvases are filled with mesmerizing art and antiques are crafted by Haj Bouskri. The curtains are delicately embroidered, and the sofas are draped in silk. The Berber rugs speak of luxury.

Riad Joya
The suite rooms are around a courtyard with fine dining and a vast library. The furniture is bespoke and is made of velvet, silk, linen, cedar, and bronze. The interiors of this hotel date back to Greece, Roman and Maghreb traditions. The colors are the palettes of sand, beige, and taupe.

Riad kniza

Raid Mena
The pool here is quite famous and is 8 meters long. There are six large suites around a garden of banana, citrus and palm trees. The proportions of the hotel are gigantic. The loggia is curtain screened, and the sun loungers are filled with yellow parasols. The terraces and flower beds are known for their charm and eloquence.

Riad De Tarabel
This hotel is colonial style and has four interconnected houses and an eight-meter pool. There are many lounges and ten spacious bedrooms. The lighting, colors, and decor look like the painting of Delacroix. The furniture dates to the second empire. There is an orangery cum bar along the secondary pool where the main attraction is Zuber mural that is hand painted.

Berber lodge
Michel-Meniere interiors are quite famous, and this lodge belongs to him. The interiors of this lodge represent the Moroccan culture and landscapes. There are African artefacts and retro mid styled furniture. There are traditional Moroccan items like palm tree beams, grass lampshades, and sisal mattings.

Dar Al Assad
Here, in this hotel, the doors are brass-studded, and the arches are Moorish. Glowing lanterns, chandeliers, and brass ornaments are quite appealing. This hotel has a French Orientalist look.

Royal Mansour Marrakech
This hotel is a mini-medina with 53 two-storied villas. Lily ponds and fountains are charming. Silk carpets, velvet sofas, crystal do-dads and chandeliers from Venice and Lalique adorn the rooms.

Riad Al Moussika, Marrakech la palmeraie, and Mandarin Oriental hotels are also quite established and famous. All the restaurants here offer the best stay and food options and said to be very well maintained. The Restaurant POS Software helps the staff to operate the services flawlessly without any hitches.

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