Top Tourist Attractions In Morocco


People who love spending exotic holidays, Morocco is the place for you. The conjurers, snake charmers, mint teas all of this are only a small glimpse of the fascinating life in Morocco. Once you visit Morocco, you will realize the adventure never ends here. North Africa’s some of the most amazing sceneries can be enjoyed here. It will be like a fairy tale to see so many beautiful places all in the same area. The people over here are especially very adorable. We will talk about the top ten tourist destinations that are a highlight in Morocco. You cannot miss these Morocco Tourist Places if you ever be there:
1. Marrakech Medina: It is a hectic place that is always filled with buzz no matter which time of day and which time of the year. You enter here via the Djemaa el-Fna square where the city converges throughout the day. This place is filled with color and excellent shops.
2. Hassan II Mosque: it is a significant point of interest for people visiting Morocco. It is a landmark building that stands as a lavish symbol for the city. It is a modern mosque that got finished not very early but in the year 1993. The decoration details of the mosque are fabulous and one in a million.
3. Oudaias Kasbah: It is a lovely old town of Morocco. It is a picture perfect place that does not have any fancy buildings still looks very sweet and simple. It is eye-catching in its way. It is immaculate and even looks cleaner due to the white painted small houses in the neighborhood. You will also find beautiful flower pots in front of the white and blue houses.
4. Fes el Bali: This is also one of Morocco’s best cultural destination. Unlike the South Morocco marketplace, this hasn’t yet been declared as a top tourist destination. However, from the native people, you are inevitably going to enjoy this place to the fullest if you are a shopping freak.
5. Tangier: This is one city of Morocco that is close to the European style. It has a fascinating history attached to its name dating back to the 19t century.
Morocco16. Chefchaouen: It is a gorgeous place filled with blue on blue buildings in large numbers. Lots of tourists come here for sightseeing and are left spellbound by the scenic beauty of this place.
7. Volubilis: This is one destination that will especially allure history lovers. The ruins in this place look so beautiful till date that you will be left mesmerized by the entire view.
8. Bab- al-Mansour: The giant-sized gateway in the city, this is noted for its imperial quality decoration. It is one of the grandest view worth building in the town of Morocco.
9. Air Ben Haddou: It is a Kasbah made of golden stone all over. It has a dramatic look to itself that attracts many people.
10. Dades Valley: It is a destination for trekkers, Hikers, and nature lovers. Do not miss this place on your journey to Morocco.

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