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The hospitality sector is experiencing a resurgence, thanks to the recent economic boom being witnessed across the world. Tourists are now flocking towards exotic locales, like ours, to experience an unforgettable vacation. We are proud to state that we are one of the leading luxury hotels here, providing excellent facilities for guests from all over the world. Customer satisfaction is our motto, and we do not compromise with the quality of the facilities we provide.

Read on to find what tourists can hope to find when they decide to spend their vacation here with us!

A superb spa
A luxury spa with excellent facilities is available for the guests. Trained and experienced therapists provide a wide range of massages. Other treatments such as scrubs, wraps, steam showers are also there. There are salon services which offer excellent beauty treatments such as facials, manicure, pedicure, etc. The spa will be an overall grooming experience for the customers.

A large gym
A gym with latest exercise equipment is there for the fitness freaks. You can spend some time here to shed those extra calories in your body and get fit. Experienced trainers are present to guide the gym users. Follow their advice carefully and take care of yourselves.

Variety of Game courts
There are indoor and outdoor basketball courts and a state-of-the-art tennis court with floodlights, where guests can play and spend time during the evenings. There is a golf course also where a trainer is available to give you instructions about the game.


Excellent Restaurants
The firm has five good restaurants serving multi cuisine food to cater the needs of our guests from around the globe. All the five restaurants offer outstanding services to delight your taste buds.

Magnificent outdoor pools
There are four outdoor pools which look stunningly beautiful. Our guests are sure to have a wonderful time here. The swimming pools provide options for exercise as well as enjoyment. Your kids will also have a great time here. These pools are excellent places to enjoy with your family.

A delightful Cafe
Refresh yourselves with a cup of coffee brewed specially for you. There are hundreds of flavours of coffee and tea for you to choose from. You will have a difficult time choosing the perfect flavour for you. You can also connect with other customers and spend some value time here.

Yoga Fitness Centre
The yoga centre is the main attraction of our hotel. Reputed yoga trainers provide a holistic and rejuvenating yoga training to all our guests. Yoga, with its comprehensive benefits, helps in making our guests physically and mentally fit. The yoga gadgets used here are the best in the market. We only use products from credible dealers like Hugger Mugger, Yogamatters and even sites like

We were recently featured in, one of the best and most popular review sites on the web. This has proved that we are doing our part rightly to provide our guests with a fulfilling experience. And, we are continuously striving to provide more!

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