Why Pick A Hotel For Your Wedding & Photo Shoot

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For Candid Photography, Picking The Right Wedding Venue Also Matters!

The biggest decision to make when planning a wedding is the venue. Once that is checked-off, everything else falls into place. Being the most significant decision, it is also not easy to make. Should the ceremony and after-party be at the same venue? Should all the functions be at the same place? Do the guests stay at the site or somewhere else? How big the wedding venue has to be? These are a handful of questions that prop up.

The answer to each is subjective to the couple getting married. That said, in recent years, two wedding venues have emerged as clear winners. Historic sites and hotels both offer unique advantages to wedding parties. In this article, the focus will remain on the benefits hotels provide as wedding venues and how they are apt for candid wedding photography.

Hotel As A Preferred Venue For Wedding: Reasons Why

Hotels were the traditional venue for after parties, receptions, and engagement. It was in the past few years that couples started to choose other places for the ceremony. Surprisingly, the present generation of men and women have awakened to the merits hotels cater for a wedding event. Here – Check Out the great reasons to have a hotel wedding.

Image Showing An Awesome Wedding Hotels In Hyderabad

  • The classic, ballroom look of hotels never goes out of vogue, which makes for timeless wedding photographs.
  • The ballrooms of hotels are akin to empty boxes, making them highly versatile. You can play with colours, designs and décor accessories to create any feel for the wedding.
  • Hotels come equipped with both indoor areas and outdoor spaces. It means that inclement weather need not spoil the festive occasion because couples can choose to keep the celebrations inside. Plus, the outdoor areas offer plenty of natural light for gorgeous wedding photos.
  • Since hotels have rooms, guests can be accommodated within them. It brings a lot of comfort to the guest and makes organising the wedding convenient for the host. If the guests are staying elsewhere, then the couple has to take the headache of transportation and conveyance.
  • Unlike some other venues, hotels have in-house catering and other rentals. It reduces the number of outside vendors the couple has to hire to organise the event, which makes planning uncomplicated.
  • Hotels have a plethora of nooks, crannies, and stunning décor or architecture for the perfect backdrop to click artistic pictures by the candid wedding photographers – a crucial aspect for many couples.

The Best London hotels for wedding venues

Wedding Photography In Hotels: A How-To

While hotels are the magical answer for a wedding venue for the bride, groom and their family, it is not so for all. Ask candid wedding photographers, and they will say that hotels put up a daunting challenge. Traditional, portrait images are easy to click in hotels because the venue is generally breath-taking. It is capturing candid and spur of the moment photos that are a little hard. This is especially true when the bridal party is getting ready.

Yes, hotel rooms have limited space, and with the attire, makeup, and knick-knacks of the bridal party they tend to become claustrophobic. Even still, the energy the room has cannot be replicated. With so many people squeezed in the room, there is bound to be many precious moments worth snapping. Use the lively energy of the room to create memoirs that make an impression. That said, there are some tricks which make candid photography for a wedding in a hotel room easy.

Rainy Day Wedding Photography Concept

  • Take a look around.
  • Find out how the space is lit.
  • Depending upon the light pinpoint the lens you will need.
  • Finally search for a corner in the room for the best clicks.
  • Move around to minimize the cluttered areas of the room from the photos and get more flattering angles.
  • Be ready at all times, especially when groomsmen or bridesmaids are fooling around. The most exciting emotions happen then.

Candid wedding photography in a hotel only requires some practice. After a few shots, you get feel of the room, and the surroundings and the rest comes with ease.

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