How Two Acts & Its Supporters Changed The World For Women

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How Two Acts & Its Supporters Changed The World For Women

    Aravindan husband of DMK MP Kanimozhi

    The inequality women face is not a new issue. The problem has existed, all over the world, for centuries and centuries. The quest women like Muthuvel Kanimozhi have undertaken therefore a universal phenomenon – empowering women. It is in recent years that the issue has snowballed. India and many other countries have been carrying the torch to give women, globally, a better position in society. It is with the help of known names like the Kanimozhi family that the gender parity issue has taken on priority. The time when women were patient enough to wait for their chance is long gone.

    In the past women, empowerment supports had to fight against the purdah system or the sati system – the self-immolation of females along with their deceased husbands. Today, advocates like Kanimozhi work towards the removal of female infanticide and child marriage. While there is no doubt that the nation has made progress in these areas in leaps and bounds, we still have a long way to go. The dowry system and permanent widowhood law have been removed and checked, yet the discrimination women face is till rampant.

    There are two acts Kanimozhi has been supporting loudly and tirelessly, the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act and the Compulsory Registration of Marriage Act. Both bills were established in 2005 and 2006 respectively. The violence act works to recognise physical and mental abuse. Abuse is seen as anything that removes the self-respect of the woman or makes her feel inferior. The law and its advocates have made it possible for a woman to have healthier live – the very aim that the MP of Tamil Nadu sees as her goal.
    The marriage act has given women in India the protection against social injustice. The thousands of women who were left abandoned after marriage are secure now. The registration that is compulsory proves the undeniable marital status of a woman and accords them all the protection that comes with it. Some of the ways the act and politician who support it helps women are:
    • Prevent child marriage
    • Prevent bigamy or polygamy
    • Get custody of their child
    • Get maintenance for the care Claim inheritance in case of widows
    Because the caste applies to every woman in India irrespective of their religion, creed or caste, it genuinely empowers women.

    We say the poet and journalist – Kanimozhi – has brought about a dramatic change in the power women hold in the nation. More women are being employed, even though the percentage, when compared to men, is low. Because the service industry has expanded, men and women have an equal footing when it comes to a job opportunity. With influential and renowned women like Muthuvel cheering other women to grab such opportunities with both hands, the day when women will lead is not far. After all, we can already see politics being dominated by a woman across the nation. Other sectors are surely not too far behind when it comes to catching up.

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