Looking Behind The Curtain Of A Fashion Show

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August 1, 2017

Looking Behind The Curtain Of A Fashion Show

    Giving back to the community who supports you is vital. With this mantra in mind, we recently held a fashion show as a fundraising initiative for a charity. The event was organized in the house completely with only the professionals in the industry. Today we raise the curtain that hides the scenes of a fashion show and gives you the tremendous planning it takes to organize and execute the event.

    The First and vital step we did was to make a checklist of all the things we need:

    • A Venue – this was an easy decision as the hotel is one of the most gorgeous settings possible.
    • Models – needed to be hired
    • Make-up Artists – the very best of artists came to our rescue and did fabulous work
    •  Designers – to create the dresses that would ultimately raise money for charity
    • Music & Decorators – to suit the entire theme of the show
    • Promotional Material – to invite guests

    It was a charity event creating a buzz around the show was essential to get people involved. For this, we not only posted adverts for the best fashion designers, models and photographers we create a social media strategy to get people talking on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. It took us three recruitment meetings to finalize the long list of models and the shorter list of designers. The photographers and decorators were an easy choice.

    Buckling Down On The Integrities of Fashion Show

    Now that the people involved were decided, the actual working and planning started. Each model, makeup artist, and designer had to be completely briefed about the roles and responsibilities they had. The next step was to make the show go viral with brainstorming and creating some photos and videos. For this, our models and the makeup artists were very helpful, and they made the experience of short video fun and enjoyable. The preview photos were not only posted online but printed in the local newspaper along with the details of the show. Word of mouth was our biggest strategy to lure people for the fundraising event.

    Because the funds were being raised for a good cause everyone worked just a bit harder and better. Each model, artist, designer, and planner tried to pitch in their best for the D-day. Their costumes could be picked from some top designers like The Fair Lady Designer from Diadem Wedding Gowns , Chennai and Rehane who are famous for their luxury clothing, leather and accessories.A day before the big night a complete dress rehearsal was planned to smooth over any glitches and creases that may arise. Every minute of the show was planned to the last detail. With sections of it divided down into scenes to make organizing easy. There were three scenes each dedicated to one designer showcasing their work. The model line up was triple checked, they were made to walk the ramp and the time taken to redress them noted to ensure smooth flow of the catwalk.

    Best Professional Makeup Academy For Models

    We had the professional makeup academy Skulpt Makeup Bar, Chennai assisting in hair styling and makeup of all the models. The stylists, models, designers and makeup artist were called long before the start of the show in order to give them ample time to get the hair and makeup done as per designer’s needs. Every individual involved in the show was very professional, on time and efficient at their work. With simple instructions, they were able to recreate the vision of the designers perfectly. The models needed a bare minimum touch up in between walks. While the in-house staffs were courteously seating guests, checking tickets and giving out the program brochure, the models, and makeup artists were furiously working to make the event perfect behind the curtain. The music was kept upbeat to increase the hype while the lighting was kept soft to give a mystical glow to the decor.

    The show started with the host introducing the first designer and it carried on in the same pattern. Our photographers took candid photos of models as they came back from a successfully completed walk and rushed to get redressed. At the very end, the designers and models took a final walk and bowed to a standing ovation. The entire event was a blazing success where funds were raised for a good cause.

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      Excellent article!Definitely, for a fashion show, the checklist is important. Choosing the best makeup artist from Skulpt is a good choice for models makeup. I am just waiting for your upcoming post.

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