Find Your Spot In The Lap Of Luxury

Our Facilities-This Is What We Offer For You!
March 25, 2017
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August 17, 2017

Find Your Spot In The Lap Of Luxury

    Hotel Mansour Eddahbi has been faithfully serving its customers since the first day its doors opened twenty years ago. This 5-star hotel has been operating successfully with very high customer satisfaction. Hotel Mansour Eddahbi has been given the honour of being named in popular travel magazines and websites as the place to stay in the city.

    Hotel Mansour Eddahbi prides itself on the fact that the staffs are attentive, courteous and discreet while providing consistent service. The hotel holds itself to the promise of offering 5-star services to all of its customers all the time. This must be one of the reasons why the wonderful customers keep coming back to this excellent establishment.

    Facilities Offered At Hotel Mansour Eddahbi

    • Conference Room
      This is located on the ground floor and can be easily accessed through the main entrance. The room measures 12.6 x 17x 4 meters with an ability to accommodate up to 155 people for a seated dinner, 170 people for a cocktail party, 175 people for a theatre style seating arrangement, 125 people for a classroom style seating arrangement and up to 50 people for a boardroom u-shape style conference. If you plan on using the conference hall, our concierge will be happy to make the necessary arrangements for the seating style as per your requirement. The hotel also has a sampler conference room of you are looking for a more intimate space for a smaller business meeting.
    • Well-Staffed Spa
      If you are looking for a place to spend your vacation in the lap of leisure and luxury, Hotel Mansour Eddahbi has a luxurious spa waiting for you. This is staffed by professionally trained experts who can offer you guidance in choosing a spa treatment that will leave you feeling replenished and ready to take on the world.
    •  Olympic Size Swimming Pool
      If you like to relax after a stressful business meeting with a few laps around the pool, the swimming pool at Hotel Mansour Eddahbi will be just perfect for you. It is regularly maintained and has plenty of amenities by the side which you can indulge in if you are not planning to swim. The 24/7 lifeguard ensures that the pool is safe at all times. If you have young kids, there is a shallow kiddie pool that is just perfect for the young ones.
    • Well Stocked Bar
      Hotel Mansour Eddahbi boasts of a hip and modern bar that serves the best cocktails and drinks for you and your buddies. This is a great place to have an informal chat with your colleagues or contemporaries.
    • Delicious Food
      With talented chefs from all over the world, the restaurants at Hotel Mansour Eddahbi serves wonderful tasty food that will have you trying out new dishes in no time. The chefs add a twist to the local cuisines, giving you a glimpse into the world of old and new coming together to form something that is simply brilliant and irresistible.
    • 24/7 Strong Wi-Fi Connectivity
      The Hotel understands your need to be connected to the outside world via Wi-Fi 24/7 and ensure that a strong signal is available in every corner of the hotel. So even if you are lounging away by the side of the pool and sipping on a delicious Mocktail, you can still check your email or indulge in any other online activity.
    • Kiddies Play Area
      If you are looking for some free time away from your kids, Hotel Mansour Eddahbi offers you the perfect chance. Leave your kids with the well trained staff at the Kiddies Play Area and let them indulge in a lot of fun and as you book a relaxing massage for yourself at the 5 star spa. You will soon feel well relaxed and get ready to face the challenges that every day brings forth.

    Why do the best event management companies prefer Hotel Mansour Eddahbi?

    Since Hotel Mansour Eddahbi boats of the best facilities in the city, it is often a favourite of many event management companies for hosting corporate conferences, events, etc.. In fact the top event organisers in Chennai book several months in advance, as they are aware of the fact that the Hotel Mansour Eddahbi fills up quickly and it very difficult to get a booking at the last date. If you are planning on hosting an event at this luxurious hotel, ensure that you plan ahead to get a booking on the date of your choice.

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