About Me

Halwell Ademar- A business legend cum culinary expert. The brain behind Mansour Eddahbi. Hard work, passion and commitment are the best adjectives to describe him. He has come a long way from where he began.

He started with a small one room restaurant with his unique and signature dishes. The team consisted of just three members other than him. The taste of the dishes served won fame and began to attract more and more food lovers. The business grew and expanded. Soon he raised as one of the prominent names in the restaurant industry.

He does not have a lot of university degrees to boast of. But the experience he has gained practically is worth much more. He has dealt with business uplifts, downfalls; everything so tactically. The newcomers in the food industry have a lot to learn from him. He himself is a good business lesson.

He has travelled around the world in his search of culinary novelties. Moroccan authentic dishes are his personal favourites, and hence there is a wide variety of Moroccan dishes here at Mansour Eddahbi. He likes to give his own twists to traditional dishes to make them different and more appealable. His signature recipes are the ones which are most sought for in the Mansour Eddahbi menu. Having tried many successful experiments in various cuisines, he is now concentrating more on the managerial sector.

Now, he has a big team of committed members to help him in his food journey. Passion and dedication are what he seeks in his employees. The restaurant industry has become a highly competitive field where survival is tough. Quality food at affordable rates is what makes the restaurant stay ahead of the rest. Team Halwell is marching ahead in their journey with excellent quality, exceptional taste, and superior service.